VapourHost Review: Young Team Making Revolution

Howdy readers, so here I am sharing my experience with VapourHost. I just bought VapourHost Hosting for my blog, and in this review, I will share why you should or should not buy VapourHost Hosting.

When I was searching for hosting company that is cost effective and providing fast and secure hosting. I asked many of my friends and experts in Hell Bound Bloggers Facebook Group. Most of them recommended me big names and they shared their affiliate links too.


Vapour Host Review

Then I checked the reviews and other important things about those hosting companies. I found most of them are costly and maximum of the recommendations that I got was for affiliate commission.

I found a newly launched hosting company i.e. VapourHost. I asked many peoples who are using their services, and I got many positive responses from them. Then I get in touch with the founder of the company i.e. Chirag Agarwal and Chirag Aggarwal. I asked him about the plans and other benefits. He explained the plans they are providing very clearly and what other benefits I can get if I buy their hosting.

After visiting their website and verifying all the details provided by them, I decided to give them a try. So I bought the Shared Hosting 1 for my blog. It took me just 5 to 10 minutes for selecting a plan and making payment. In few minutes I was in cpanel of my website hosting.

About – VapourHost Review

VapourHost was launched in mid-2016 while it became available for the public in late 2016. The clear vision behind Vapour Host is revolutionizing the hosting industry. Their key components are their awesome support fast server and variety which they are proud of. They are constantly working to bring ideas to reality, and not just being another hosting provider. Their dedication towards their service and always eager to help customers.

While being new to the industry, VapourHostis loved by a lot of customers. They gained a good reputation in the market quite after few months of launch. The numbers of customers are growing day-by-day, and they make sure customers who come to them, stays satisfied even if they are leaving. They truly care about their customers, and it’s their top priority as a hosting provider.


Why buy – VapourHost Review

I am not forcing to buy hosting from a company that is not established in the market, but that doesn’t mean you we ignore the positive side of the card. Let’s see the Pros and Con’s about VapourHost.

Pro’s – VapourHost Review

1. Cost effective plans: In this huge world of internet there are a lot of companies that are providing web hosting services but most of them are very costly, and it is difficult to afford for a webmaster who is just starting. VapourHost comes with one of the cheapest hosting company available in the market.

2. Fast Loading Servers: I was thinking twice can they provide fast loading servers in that much cheap rates but I was amazed at the page speed when I checked in gtmatrix. Here is the screenshot I am sharing below for proving my words.

Vapour Host Review

3. Amazing Support: Did you saw the owner of a company replying to the queries or problems faced by the customers? I guess no, but for interacting with the customers directly VapourHost owners are available almost 24 hours to reply on Facebook. They also have a secret Facebook group for the customers of the company where they help and solve the issues faced by the customers. They also share a lot of premium stuff in free likes themes and plug-ins etc.

4. Growing every day: There is the company is not even a year old, but still, they are managed to get a good number of customers in this short time span. Most important from the first to the nth customer they consider all them important equally.

5. Money Back Guarantee: Even after being so cheaper they are still offering 30 days money back guarantee if you didn’t like their services. So you don’t have to worry for the amount that you are investing for buying their service.

6. Less down times: As we see companies offering 99.9% uptime, but if we calculate practically it becomes difficult to achieve that goal. But in case of VapourHost I persoanlly noticed their uptime is more than 98% which is better than other web hosting companies. We can’t control downtimes but we can work on reducing the downtime, and they are working on doing so.


Con’s – Vapour Host Review

1. Buy Domain from the third party: They are not offering domain registration service as of now. I found this thing negative because no one can make a website with hosting only. They should start domain registration service as well, or they can do the partnership with any domain registration company.

2. Errors on the website: As I was navigating on their website I found few bugs on their website that is bad for a company who themselves providing web hosting service. I had words with the owner of the company, and they said they are working on the development part of the website and soon they will update all the bugs.

3. Improper Marketing: One of the most important things for a company is how they do their marketing and how they stand out of the crowd. As a new company in the field which is already crowded with the small to large scale companies, they are not investing on marketing. I hope they will soon make a proper marketing plan and this will help them in growing more and more.

That’s all about the Pros and Con’s for the VapourHost. With the time when the company expands I will keep on updating this section.


Conclusion– VapourHost Review

You should give a try to their hosting service at least once because no reviews are better than personal experience. Go and buy their mini-plan for just Rs 25 INR and share your feedback with them.

I explained about all that I have experienced with VapourHost hosting service. If you still have any doubt or you want to share your experience with their service, you can comment below.

Don’t forget to share this post on social media and with your friends who are looking for hosting for their website or blog.

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