How I Made $5831 Working Part-Time {Case Study}

Howdy readers here is the most awaited post. In this post, I will share the secrets that helped me in making $5831 working part-time. I hope this post will help you all in earning your first dollar from your online business.

I would like to start this post by telling a short story that happened to me in the year 2015. It was the time when I entered into college as a fresher. By that time I had internet connection in my phone and a computer (without the internet).

I do WASTED most of my time on Facebook and other social media sites. One day I saw an ad on my mobile that shows tricks and techniques to make money online. That was the first experience when I come to know that we can make money from home.

How I Made $5831 Working Part-Time

Then after few days, I met one of my relatives friends who was working as a freelancer. I asked few questions, like can we make money online? What are the methods that we can use to make money from home? And much more related questions.

He told that he is doing this from last 4 years and now he is running his own private limited company. Then I researched more on it and I came to know about the word FREELANCING.

Then I researched a lot about the same and I come to know various available fields where we can get freelancing clients and how to get hired and all other things related to freelancing.

Many of you might not aware about the word freelancing. In simple terms, freelancing is the way of providing various services while working from any corner of this world. You don’t have any need to visit clients office, just do the work from wherever you want to do.

Now you guys might be thinking how I earned these $5831 dollars and how you can do the same? Keep reading till the end, I am sure if you read and follow the same then you can easily start earning money online.

Income Proofs (A bit of motivation) 😉

payment details

payment proof

Sources from where I earned $5831

As I said with the time passing I done a hell lot of research on freelancing and being a beginner I want to EARN MONEY and I tried every possible method to do so.

From web designing to WordPress setup and from content writing to digital marketing service. Along with this I tried my hands on logo designing and I sold expired domains.

NOTE: In this case study, I haven’t included any part of earnings from my blogs.

Here is the graph showing the percentage of earning from various platforms:

How I Made $5831 Working Part-Time

How can you start earning?

If you are just a beginner and you want to make money online then there are a lot of options available like freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing and much more.

In this post, I will reveal the secrets how you can start making money online via freelancing.

Resources Needed:

1. A laptop.

2. Fast Internet connection.

3. Few cups of coffee.

Time Investment:

1. Daily 3 to 4 hours.

Let’s Get Started…..

I divided the whole procedure into 3 simple steps that I have followed and you can do the same for earning your first dollar online 😉

Step 1: Make some samples ready before getting started

Many beginners ignore this and start their search for the first client. But how can someone hire you without analysing your last work? You might be thinking we can do demo tasks for them but in chances of getting hired are 50-50 and you will waste a lot of your time in completing that demo task.

I suggest you create a portfolio where you can show off all your work and the projects that you have completed recently. Like if you are a content writer then you can show your work published on various blogs or websites or if you are designer or developer then you can show the latest designs made by you or the coding projects that you have done.

Once your portfolio is ready you can start looking for clients and projects. When I started as a beginner as a content writer I started as at the rate of Rs 30 per 500 words. Can you imagine that? Yes, you read it right. But I learned a lot of things from that and now that experience in helping me in earning a handsome amount every month.

Step 2: Clients research & reaching out

Most of the peoples do it wrong. When I was a beginner I ran behind every project because I want to earn as much as I can and the schedule got very hectic and quality started decreasing.

Here are some suggestions that you can follow while looking for clients:

1. Never run behind every project.

2. Value the skills you have but don’t ask high prices every time you pitch your proposal.

3. Read project details very carefully & If you have any doubts you can discuss that with the client.

4. Make sure that you should discuss project budget and payment methods.

5. Always send the sample projects that you have done. Don’t forward copy and pasted work.

Now the question is, how to find those clients that are ready to work with you. There are many ways to find those potential customers but here I am sharing the one that I have tried and worked well for me.

I tried 3 ways to find clients and I am sharing all three below:

1. Facebook communities.

2. Freelancing websites

3. Email outreach.

Facebook Communities (Groups): There are many freelancing communities on Facebook where clients post their requirements and freelancers send proposals according to the job post.

That is one of the easiest ways to find the work because there is no third party included in that but that is the riskiest way as well. Clients can ditch you out by taking work from you and not paying the project fees.


1. Easy to find work.

2. No need to pay third party fees while doing transactions.

3. Better lead generation rate as compare to other platforms.


1. Less secure in case of payments.

2. Clients can cheat you easily.

Freelancing Websites

One of the most common methods used by almost every freelancer. I also tried various freelancing sites and generated many leads from there. Most of my foreign-based clients are from these sites only.

Here you have to bid on various job posts. The client will select the best proposal in his or her budget and they will hire you after discussing the terms and conditions.

Make sure that you read the job description and clients requirements properly. If you bid something that is not the part of the job post then they will simply ignore the application in most of the cases.

Never copy and paste the same bid for every job post that can be detected easily. Always right unique and to the point proposals for every job post.


1. Security of payment.

2. Easy to find clients worldwide.

3. The probability of getting cheated is very less.

4. Better user experience for both freelancer and job poster.


1. They charge every time whenever you withdraw money.

2. Some platforms have hard rules and regulation that makes it difficult to understand the platform.

Email Outreach

I tried this method but haven’t got much success. May be I was missing something very important in this process. Let me tell you what I did in this whole process.

There are many local business listing websites where every business owner submits their business. You have to filter out these local business listing sites and then send them your proposals.

When I tried this method, I targeted Colorado in the USA and l collected all the lawyer’s firms from there. Then I collected their emails id’s in an excel sheet. Then you have to pitch your proposal via email and get a track of it.


1. You can find the work in specific cities and business field.

2. Local business owners are ready to invest higher if you can make a good plan of action that includes their goals.

3. You can easily acquire more clients by referrals.


1. Chances of getting hired are low. (As per my experience)

2. If you send bulk emails that might go in to spam folder.

You can try above mention methods for getting your first freelancing work. If you have any questions regarding this then you can ask in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article if you think it really helped you.


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