What to do when you are running out of ideas for your blog

Howdy readers, I hope you all are doing well. I was not active since long, and it is just second post after re-launch of this blog. It was hard for me to write for this blog as I was busy with some personal work and business deals. But from now onwards I will be updating the blog on regular basis.

So today’s topic is what to do when you are running out of ideas on your blog? Most of us face this issue in our journey of blogging, but that is not a big deal you can easily overcome this situation. I went through this situation and here I am sharing how I came into this situation and what I did for recovering back.

First of all the most important question arises why you run out of ideas? So here are the reasons why you are not getting ideas for your blog.

Is this your niche?

From the above line I mean to say, “Have you selected the niche in which you have interest?” but how can we know that we have selected the right niche in which I have interest, and I can write for hours continuously.

There are many questions that arise while you are planning for the niche of your blog like In which things you have interest? What are the trending topics in that niche? What are others doing? You have to check all these factors before finalising the niche of your blog.

If you have missed checking these points then sorry mate, make a new plan for your blog.

NOTE: I don’t prefer to start a multi-niche because you can’t find the taste of your audience that is coming to your blog.

Are you doing proper research?

This is also an important question that you should ask your self. Whether or not you are researching before starting a blog? Have you analysed your competitors properly?

If you haven’t done research and analysis, then I am sure you are not going to stay for long. Not only me but every professional blogger or internet marketer suggest this point. Reconsider your content marketing blueprint and do proper research before you relaunch it.

NOTE: Research here doesn’t only mean online surfing, but you can also get in touch with peoples offline.

How many other blogs do you read?

There are many cases in last many years peoples starts considering them self-superior once they spend few years in the industry. They start thinking that there is no one who can do the work same as them.

But here is the biggest mistake they do in their career. Don’t consider that you are the only one who knows everything. Even industry leaders started by taking guidance from other professional, but they still surf on the internet for staying what is trending in the industry and what are the latest updates in the industry.

NOTE: My personal suggestion to everyone, always stay keen to learn something new from everyone you follow or meet. Anyone can teach something either its small or big but try to learn from everyone.

What are you doing to nourish your writing skills?

This is the most important thing that everyone forgets. Once you start writing in a niche that doesn’t mean keep yourself limited to that particular niche only. There is a probability that you have to change your niche in future, or you have to do freelance writing for earning those extra bucks.

Also check: Grammarly Review

If I am not wrong, then a maximum of the bloggers are freelance writers.

If you have a passion for writing and dedication to make it a profitable business that you can do on full-time basis then always focus on nourishing your skills.

NOTE: Writing guest posts can also help you in improving your skills.

For how much time you are using social media in a day?

Here using social media doesn’t count the time you are spending in promoting your brand and engaging with your audience.

I mean to say how much time you are wasting on social in checking useless news feeds and chatting with peoples that are not productive or anything that consumes your precious time.

Once you are doing some serious stuff then every second counts but if you keeps on wasting your time on social media then you need to think about this and invest that time in doing your work.

Are you wasting your time here and there?

Time is the real money. If you have time, then you can earn the paper money, but if you don’t have time, then you don’t have anything. I have seen people wasting time here and there like watching too much TV, playing useless games and wasting time by doing useless things.

You need to check how and where you are wasting your time rather than doing that you can invest that time in doing serious work. Work is worship. All other things come below that on the priority list.

Solutions – What to do if you are not getting ideas?

Take a break

First of all the most important thing that you should do when you are not getting ideas for writing a blog post is just take a break from your routine. I was in the same situation, and I was so much frustrated when I was not getting ideas to write blog posts. Then I took a break (may be too long) but then I gained up strength again and started exploring my surrounding for getting new ideas to write on.

Involve in the things that you like most other than writing

When you are on break, then keep your laptop aside and logout all social media accounts from your mobile and enjoy the offline mode. Get in touch with peoples with whom you didn’t talk since long.

Enjoy the nature or go on long rides or watch movies. Do anything that you likes the most other than blogging. Try to get all your positive vibes back and regain your writing power then come back with double power.

Read your industry news

Going on doesn’t mean that stay away from the niche or industry in which you are writing. If you love watching TV, then watch the news in the same industry and if you found any trending or viral news that can bring a good amount of traffic on your website then don’t forget to write about it.

Never underestimate the power of newspapers or local magazines. If you love reading newspapers or magazines, then there are a lot of possibilities to get ideas from them. Simply check for the updates on the page relevant to your niche and try to gather few interesting topics and share your views about that topic.

Check what your competitors are doing

Analysing your competitor can also play a great role in various ways. You can analyse what they are doing for branding? What are they doing for marketing? What are they doing for engaging with the audience? Most important you can get hell lot of ideas for writing new content.

But if you are just rewriting what they had already written than its just wastage of you because both have an almost same audience. That readers or viewers will realise that you just rewrote what is already available on your competitor’s website.

NOTE: Analyse their article and then find the mistakes or laps they forget to add and when you are writing that topic on your website then adds that points in your article.

What is trending in the industry?

Do you think that there is nothing new or trending in your niche? Mate if yes, then you are not analysing and researching your niche properly. Everyday infinite number of trending updates comes in almost every niche. It’s all about how strong is your research power.

As I discussed above, do read newspapers, magazines and watch news related to your niche. I am very sure you will get a lot of ideas to write your next blog post.

Look out for evergreen topics

In every niche, there are some topics or titles that remain evergreen. Means they had high searches ten years ago and still they have a good number of average searches per month.

You have to find those evergreen topics and start writing on them. How to guides or top ten articles are the best examples of these types of topics. Simply check what your competitor have written and produced much better content as compare to theirs.

In this way you can also attract many good quality backlinks as well, that will benefit in many ways. Skyscraper technique by Brain Dean is the best example of this method.

Use Google trends for getting ideas

You might be thinking if I didn’t get ideas from newspaper, magazines or television than what to do? Still no need to worry. There is a tool by Google called as Google trends.

In this tool, you can see what are the latest trending topics in your niche. You can use filters for checking the topics in a particular niche or field and then set the location and see what topics are in trends in last 24 hours or last one week.

This is a good way to attract organic traffic, and if your article or content goes viral, then it can simply generate a hell lot of traffic.

Get ideas from social media

If you are using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram just for fun or time pass, then it can never be a productive source for you. There are many peoples who are generating a good amount of revenue from these platforms.

If you know the feature of a Facebook page or Group, then you can create a healthy environment and a great community for your visitors online. That will help in branding and social awareness.

Once you have that community, you can simply post an update like what next they want to read on your blog or website. You will have a lot of new ideas or topics to write. In this way, you can use social media as a productive source.

NOTE: Also social media can help in attracting a lot of traffic.

Check latest threads in forums

Do you know that forums are not just for getting a Backlink or referral traffic? There are many other ways in which you can use forums or online communities.

Sign up in the forums in your niche and start attracting with the other members of the forum. Follow them, and there are many chances that they will follow you back.

There are many threads that are in trending, or many peoples are looking for answers to their queries. You can use those questions as a topic for your next blog post. In this way, you can get many ideas for writing on your blog.

NOTE: Forums can also be used for making a community online.

Check your blog comments

Have you enabled the commenting option on your blog? If no, then do it today. Comments help in improving ranking as well. Because the visitor coming to your website will leave their feed backs in the comment section.

Google consider user engagement as one of the most important factors for ranking a website. If a visitor in commenting on your site that means they are spending more and more time on your website. This gives a positive signal to the Google the help a lot in ranking.

More over in the comment section your visitors will leave their questions and queries that can use as a topic for your next blog post. In this way, enabling comments on your blog will help you in getting a lot of ideas.

Do keyword research

Do you know about SEO? If yes, then you must be aware of keyword research. A term that is the back bone for all the SEOs in the world. If you know how to do keyword research in the right way, then you will never suffer from the situation where you don’t have any topic to write.

Keyword research plays a great role in SEO. If you know how to find the right keyword, then your half job is done. But if you pick the wrong keyword then you are totally on the wrong path.

There are a lot of guides available for keyword research. But in simple words, if I have to explain keyword research then I pick a keyword that has low competition and a good number of searches.So find a keyword and start writing on it.

NOTE: There are many tactics that you can use for doing keyword research. Everyone has their technique for doing keyword research.

Analyse authority sites

This is the method that comes under keyword research, but I kept it as a unique sub heading. You can also analyse authority sites and get their keywords and write on the same topic but much more detailed article on it.

But wait, you wrote a detailed article and published on your blog. How you will beat the authority of the website from where you got that keyword. Here you have to do he whole SEO process, and then you will be able to out rank that authority site.

NOTE: Quality Backlinks will play a huge role in this.

Check YouTube for ideas

YouTube is not just for watching songs, movie trailers or posting any random videos. You might be aware of the thing that you can make money from YouTube. But YouTube is not bounded to just these 3-4 things. You can use it in many other ways as well. There are many videos that go viral on YouTube.

You can analyse them and find out the keywords will high searches and low competition in Google (Not on YouTube, because you need it for your blog not for your video.) and start writing on the same. Rank that keyword and enjoy the organic traffic coming from various search engines.

Check your blog and try to make a series of posts

We forget the most important thing to check, and we start exploring here and there for the topics. Have you checked your blog or website? If no, then do it today. There are many topics that have relevant new updates, or some trending topics are going viral related to them.

Find those topics, and you can produce a series of articles as a guide that you can also make as an ebook and generate some good revenue by selling it, or you can offer it as a gift to the visitors or who sign up for newsletters.

Once you have that audience in your newsletter plugin, you can disturb them anytime with new updates or offers running on your website.

What to do when you are running out of ideas for your blog


It took me 7 hours to complete this article, and I tried my best to write a valuable article that can help you. Many possible solutions as possible. I hope I covered all the reasons on the topic why you run out of ideas for your blog and solutions to that as well.

If you think I miss any important point that doesn’t forget to share that idea in the comment box. Any of your friends is running out of ideas do share this article with them and help them in getting new ideas.

Also share the article on social media as you all know, “Sharing is caring”.


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