Amazon India Blocks Customer Account Without Any Warning

Amazon Blocked Customer Account Without Any Reason

Everyone knows about the Amazon INC – Worlds Biggest Shopping Giant. They are the most popular online shopping platform worldwide. But the name that is popular that doesn’t mean they do everything right.

Recently I met a person named as Shyam Pareek in HellBound Bloggers Facebook group. He faced some serious issue with the service of Amazon. I discussed with Shyam and asked about the complete issue.

He and his brother were trying to order newly launched One Plus 5. After try for long he got the phone added to his cart. After paying all the amount for the phone, he was happy with his purchase as he said.

But suddenly he got an email from Amazon and his order was put on hold. He was given a reason that Amazon can’t verify his payment method and he has to send the details via Fax to Amazon team. Here is the screenshot of that email.


Amazon Account Suspension Notification

Then he called the Amazon customer care team but again the asked for the same thing i.e. Fax the details. Here is what Shyam said about his experience with Amazon customer care team.

They were not ready to take any action until I send them fax but who uses fax service in today’s time? There was no fax service nearby in my area so I sent them an email of all the details and screenshots they asked me for but still, they wanted me to fax and they were giving the same reply every time I called them for support.

I sent them to fax going to a place where fax service was available. In my area, no one provided fax service so I had to travel 5hrs distance especially to send the fax.

When I went to send the fax the shop owner laughed at me and said “who uses fax service in today’s world. Are you kidding me?”

Here is what he said on this when I asked Shyam what he is going to do now?

I wanted the phone ASAP so I specially subscribed for 1-year Amazon Prime just to get the phone delivered on the next day and because of amazon’s shitty service the phone is still not shipped and my account is also blocked.

I have not received any reply from them after sending hundreds of calls and mails to their support team.

After seeing such an irresponsible support from eCommerce giant I think I need to think ten times while buying a product online. I hope Amazon India and Shyam will solve the issue and Shyam will receive his phone as soon as possible.

NOTE: Shyam might have faced such an issue with Amazon but there are million other customers who are quite happy with their services. We can’t judge a company from one fallback and we can’t neglect their years of services.

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