Hello and Thanks a ton to all my reader,
I welcome you all from deep inside my heart on this page. You made me what I am today. This is long but I am sure you will enjoy it.

How I bought this domain name?

I read in many blogs the story behind their domain name but frankly saying I never have any idea what will be the best domain name for my blog and I was so confused with a domain name. Then finally I decided to buy a domain with my own name that is how I bought this domain www.anmolsinghi.com from Godaddy.

Anmol Singhi

Let’s discover who Anmol Singhi is?

  • A student by mistake and blogger by passion.
  • Never loved my books but I do love my GF (just kidding).
  • Professional content developer and gadgets lover.
  • Learner, reader and want to be a motivational speaker.
  • Love to surf on the internet for every small thing.
  • Interested in startups and business world.
  • Doing all the planning before starting anything is my strength.
  • I do have weaknesses but why should I disclose you can misuse it.
  • Love to play outdoor games like cricket and volleyball.
  • Social worm and 24*7 chatter.
  • I live in my dream world, not in fairy tales stories.

Student life:

I am a student of B.tech (CSE) and studying at Adesh Institute of technology, Chandigarh campus in the 1st year. Completed my higher secondary education from International Public School, Kurali (Punjab). As I told earlier I don’t love my books and especially when you talk about academic. I am an average student in my class and sooner going to join the category of Engineers (Only by name I never had the interest in the study).

Journey of my Independent Life:

I started my career in my relative company where I joined as a newbie with just basic knowledge of computer in summer breaks of my 12th class in 2014. They gave me exposure to the corporate world. I learned many new things there like Photoshop, Content writing and a bit of coding and marketing as well.

But after 2 months I have to quit because of my classes then after my board exams I joined a call center for 2 months and that was the turning point of my life. I became independent and learnt many important things from there. I had very good experience there.

Then I have to attend my first-year classes so I quit from there also but that 2 months freedom taught me how to manage time and how one should live his life. Oh, I forgot to tell about my partner and soul mate (My Computer). People call me crazy because I love my computer more than my GF (Again Kidding).

I use to spend maximum time with my computer and mostly playing games, listening loud music on woofer system and watching movies. But I was feeling bored from all this and as I mentioned earlier I love to surf on the internet so one day I was reading a post on Facebook “how to earn money online” and at that very moment, I started searching the same. How to earn money online? How to make money from home? At one point I come to know about freelancing.

This was the second turning point of my life. I researched on this and found freelancing is the best way to make money online with fair means. Then I made an account on many freelancing sites like Upwork, Guru, PeoplesPerHour and WorknHire etc. But I didn’t get any response from the clients. I was feeling demotivated because of this negative aspect and was going to quit and started thinking that I am not made for freelancing.

Again internet helped me in searching how to get paid as a freelancer. I learned how to pitch your bid to any client. Understanding their requirements and presenting your skills to get hired but still, something was missing. I found that missing thing after a week research that was a good looking profile to show off to your clients.

Then I customized my profile on every freelancing and jobs websites and started getting a response from the client and luckily I got my first client from my neighboring city and I earned Rs 1000 from content writing and designing work. This gave me a boost and also motivated me to do more and with the passing time I had worked with more than 13 clients in last 1 year and still working with many of them since a long time.

How I became a blogger:

When I use to spend my time with my laptop or mobile in surfing around the internet, people use to say “Kya Time Waste Kar Raha Hai, Ye Teri Padhne Ki and Career Pe Dhyan Dene Ki Umar Hai” but I never give a damn to those people and stay focused on my goals to help newbies and solving their problems.

I love to learn new things and implement them practically. Blogging was one of the things that I learned and now it has become my passion. I always try to share with other what I have learned and I think blogs are the best platform to share.

In the starting days of my blogging career, I made many free blogs on Word Press but I ended up with “Delete site from Word Press”. The reason behind this was I was not familiar with blogging. I didn’t know how to write a blog post and attract visitors and how to get top ranking on search engines.

Then I came to know about self-hosted WordPress blogs and with my partner I started a blog in partnership. It was running good but I was not that independent to do anything with it because, after all, it was in partnership. I need to discuss for every small thing. Then I planned to start my own blog that is how this blog was born on 15 June 2016.

Future plans:

I always plan before starting anything as I discussed this thing above also. I feel planning is the best key to success. At the moment I am focusing on my blog and freelancing. I want to convert my passion into my profession. Just waiting & working for the right time to get my goals achieved.

I on web:



To be continued….